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To help you make the choice, we then present general guidelines on how to go about getting a large photo printer such as the two presented below.

Epson SureColor P800 Review

This printer is one of the best on the market today, and this statement is further buttressed by the sheer amount of firepower it brings to the table. You can print in a large variety of sizes with full borderless options. You also get, as options, a roll media adapter as well as a replacement ink maintenance tank.

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A spectrophotometer is notable by its absence, both from the standard kit as well as the options list. Otherwise, the printer comes pretty well stocked.

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Epson promises a time of years for colored prints and years for black and white prints, which is mighty impressive by any measure. All in all, a solid photo printer. This printer is all about making your print experience more intuitive and is focussed on making sure your photos come out top-notch. The specialised software, the 11 ink plus Chroma Optimiser ink system, and the widest color gamut of any printer on the market make the PRO much more desirable and interesting than most other photo printers out there.

While Epson is all about making sure your printing experience is intuitive and easy, Canon is focussed on making sure you get the most out of your photos. This starts with the direct pairing of your camera to the printer if you do own a Canon branded camera , which in most cases eliminates the need of a computer at all!

Epson SureColor P800 A2 Printer

The print quality is slightly better on the Epson, however, all things considered. The Canon also gives you a number of features such as no switching between photo black and matte black inks, an air feeder system which makes sure no page gets skewed during printing, and the LCOA Pro engine which handles complex printing tasks with ease. It can process multitudes of complex high quality images with ease.

Now that you know which printers are best on the market today, a little walk-through through the factors we used to filter through the crowd and select these two printers. The factors which we used to determine which printers were the best are:. You should definitely have this in mind. If you can compromise on quality, you should go in for a cheaper printer. Same goes for the feature set. Overall the Canon is a bit more expensive to print on but the output is superior as well, considering that the Canon is a tad cheaper upfront, in time, this evens out.

Both of these printers feature multiple ink systems fitted with pigment based inks.


As a professional photo printer, you must realize that roll media are an indispensable and in cases, cheaper method to get your prints. Also, there is no substitute for them when it comes to larger prints. This completes our list of most important factors to be on the lookout for when it comes to photo printers.

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If we were to choose just one, it would be the Canon Pro Overall we consider it a better printer, we simply see better prints out of it, better colors, the blacks are splendid, shattering beautiful. We also took into consideration that the paper feeding of the Epson is troublesome, not only on this printer but in general Epson printers, in our tests the Pro never skew or jammed paper in over prints, the same cannot be said about the Epson.

Yes, we will miss the Panorama feature on the Epson and yes, the Canon is a bit more expensive to use throughout time but replacements part for the Canon are easier to find as well.

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It was a hard decision to make, and once more, we cannot emphasis how good these printers are, whatever you choose, you are right; for us it has been the Canon. Thank you for this very interesting comparison. However, what bothers me more than cost, is the ethical point of view. You may be able to browse a degraded form of the site but you won't be able to checkout, and you will likely see significantly strange layout behaviour. This article helps you determine what would be the best printer to suit your needs between the A2 Epson P and the 17" Epson There are a few key things you need to consider first to help make your decision - the size of prints you want to do, volume of work you will be printing, available space in your work area, and of course overall cost.

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My general thoughts on the two are that unless you are doing a lot of printing, the P is almost always the better choice for most people. The P is very well built, versatile, very simple to use and significantly better with sheet printing than the If you really do want to do roll printing, I think the is a vastly better choice than the as roll printing and bigger prints tend to go hand in hand. Just amazing.

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