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While that would be a West based team, Sacramento is acknowledged as the leading city for that place, and a strong San Diego bid would be competing with Phoenix.

It seems Phoenix may have to wait for the expected next round of expansion. Below are the attendance numbers for the two existing Texas clubs. Phoenix Rising FC will be in the group looking to be picked in the selection.

Caps sport second lowest payroll in MLS - Eighty Six Forever

Here are the final USL attendance numbers for Phoenix Rising finished 6th. Arizona United finished 21st in My Writings.

My Thoughts. Will Sacramento be passed over for expansion? My photos.

DC United: Trades, Transfers, and Rumors

Now you know me. As I said on Twitter, we should not be paying Lucas Venuto over a million dollars a season just to have a player making that level of salary on the team.

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The club obviously should not be inflating its spending on players which have only managed to claw the team to the precipice of the playoff bubble. Being cheap can work in MLS. New York Red Bulls again has one of the lowest wage bills in the league but are, year after year, competitive.

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MLS is a salary-cap league; spending less in one place gives you more resources to spend elsewhere. The problem, however, is that the Caps have done neither of those things. All hope is not lost, however.

MLS Deal Strategies For Finding Motivated Sellers

The summer transfer window is approaching us and I do buy the argument that it is not the most prudent idea to spend all your money in one place. The problem is the Caps have little demonstrated track record of scouting and identifying playors who are worthy of the type of salary paid out by other clubs.

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Until they do, I actually have no problem with the state of the payroll—the caliber of players the club has pursued do not merit more money. The number on the left is base salary; the number on the right is guaranteed compensation.

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